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Marushikis rantings


Pictures of pirate related activities...   aarrrrr

Oh to be a pirate.!!




I long to be a pirate and sail the seven seas.

I long to be a pirate, wont you come and sail with me


To have a cutlass and a ship and a scurvy crew

I long to be a pillage and plunder and a parrot that says “Ark..  Whats News”


If I be a pirate I would sail from here to there./

If I be a pirate, I would not have a bother or care.


To sail upon the briny seas with me parrot at my side

And terrify those folks on land and watch them run and hide.

I would have a pirate name me lads to strike fear into their hearts.

Something so terrifying it would make their knees a quake in all and every parts


To sail beneath the wide blue skies, and call the sea my home

No matter where I wandered my ship would be well known.


I long to be a pirate just like Cap’n Slappy To have a first mate like ol’chumbucket

and the rest of the Festerin’ Boil and his scurvy crew I would make them sweat and

strain we would sunbake with out oil.


A pirates life for me, me lads would be a such a cursed joy

To shake me cutlass, an’ me ‘ook and shout at all Ahoy

So come and join the crew me bucko and make for the seven seas

If’n you be a pirate you can sail where and when you please.


To live a long and prosperous life, surely would be a joy

So come along and join the crew every man, woman, girl and boy


Oh how I long to be a pirate, Raise the sails and set course, run a muck

And fill the heart of every one you who crosses your path you don’t even have to take a Bath.


So on this International Pirate Day Mop the decks and hoist the sail,

 come and join the the Cap’n and the crew Of the Festerin’ Boil 



Tavern Annie






Tales of the Festering Boil

REad of the exploits of Cap'n Slappy and his crew of the Festering Boil as they plunder and pillage their way around the globel.




This handsom Devil is none other than Cap'n Slappy and his little friend Peanut.
Two things that go hand in had are Pirates and Rats, who said a Pirate has to have a Parrot for a pet, Rats are just as nifty.
Here is our ol pirate friend Cap'n Slappy and his ol' mate ol' Chumbucket... 
aint they the handsom pair


Here is another good link for information on the real deal!!!!  Ye scurge of the 7 seas..  also this site
And if you enjoyed the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean"  check this link


Ol' chumbucket is doin his bit for educatin the youn'nes..  good one Matey
The Cap'n and his scurvie crew can be found   at this link  you can find all sorts of Pirate info and fun...  drop in and Say Ahoy to Cap'n Slappy and his friend Ol'Chumbucket.
Also don' ye be forget'n to check out the Cap'ns log and find out what the Festerin Boil
and its crew be upto this week.


AVAST THERE..  Its talk like a pirate day on September 19th...  don't ye Miss it... arrrrrrr

An interesting tale by Author :  Edgar Rice Burroughs
A pirates life is that be what ye are wantin'  check out this site    Pirate Mythtory  
Pirate ale..  ever wanted to try the drink of the pirate.. 
The real deal..  has some interesting pirate infomation and also pirate speak.