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Marushikis rantings

An Ode or Two

On this page i shall include several bits of poetry ive tried my hand with over the years... 
i know they are not world class but they were fun and challenging to write.



There once were a bunch of smart looking ratties

They really looked quite dapper

They roam around Robyn and Als house

They walk with a Buckley swagger.



There is  Scrambler who is a cheeky mink

He really is quite sweet

Scrambler is the elder statesman of the dapper rats

He enjoys his food his favourite being

Something nice from his mums finger is a treat.



Ilford is a pretty boy, his whiskers are quite twitchy

He loves his mum and dad to scritch him and realy gets quite lickey

He is angelic looking, and calm as he can be

He is the kind of rattie you would invite for tea




Bug he is a beastly boy, who causes his parents trouble

In laughter Robyn and Al always bend over in a double

Bug is here bug is there oh Blast that Rat and Shoot

Where is he now, he is in my drink and now he is in Robyns old work boot




Nougat is as sweet as can be, as his name suggests

He hops about the rattie room with vigour and with zest

His nose is very fuzzy and he looks like he is in a Tux

He is a handsome boy one of Robyn’s newest Bucks



Sweet little Schnoz reminds me of Jimmy Duranty

His nose is quite appealing don’t you think he looks like your  Aunty

Schnoz enjoys a surf, and a play with his fellow ratties all are sweet

He pounces on his mates and grooms them in their cage but when the

Table is turned he  becomes quite  a meeper,



Little Husky is a cheerful rattie, and also quite Bold

His soft Champagne fur is lovely to look at, that lovely fur when

He fuffs it,  helps keep out the cold

Your lovely red eyes keep me in a daze

So soft and pink of into the distance they often gaze.



Oh dapper ratties you are so cute…  and very cheeky to boot.



We must not forget those who have come and gone on before..

Dapper himself and Fudge and old Stat..  and have you seen the rat in the hat.

Nimbus and Bramble and Bear and Motley , and have you seen the rat in the hat.


Roofie and Bokeh, Spritly and Rumpus, and have you seen the rat who loved to fly


Schnapps and Lamington and Grub,  you were very much loved,


So of the Dapper ratties I speak, all of them cute

And all of them sweet.



Colleen Hunter  2006



An ode to my friends





I have a bunch of special friends

They are spread through out the world


Even though I’ve never met them

Each and everyone is a gem and a pearl 




They speak many languages,

Their cultures are diverse


Each and everyone is special

That’s why I write this verse.


I pray for them each night

And think of them quite often


In my thoughts they are each day

When I’m down I know.  I can count on them


My life is made more full and special

Because they each exist


Everyone is more precious to me

That is why  they are on my list.







Only another rattie parent could know and feel your joy
when you come home through your door carrying your your new rattie girl or boy
Only another rattie parent could know whats in your heart
as you watch your new rattie on their first free range from this place  to that place does dart
Only another rattie parent can know the utter bliss
of when your new rattie give a rattie kiss.
Only another rattie parent can share your frustration
when your little rattie pees and chews  on everything in sight to your agrivation.
Only another rattie parent can share your sleepless night
when your rattie is ill and is not acting quite right
Only another rattie parent can now your relief
when their illness is quite brief
Only another rattie parent can know and share the break of your heart
when your little rattie comes to its time to depart
Only another rattie parent can know why your shed tears like a river flow
simply because your rattie has flown off to the rattie rainbow
Only another rattie parent can feel the empty space in your sole
Only another rattie parent will uphold you when your low
Only another rattie parent will rejoice when your decide
your grief has gone on long enough and a new rattie will reside

Oh Little rattie sitting their

Oh little rattie how do you fair


Oh little rattie with eyes so bright

Oh little rattie wont you come and play tonight


Oh little rattie sitting in the box

Oh little rattie, you chewed a hole in my socks


Oh little rattie so sweet and squishy

Oh little rattie your fur I love to Scritchy


Oh little rattie sitting on my shoulder

Oh little rattie, you do look older


Oh little rattie where have you been

Oh little rattie what have you seen


Oh little rattie what have you there

Oh little rattie, it’s the remains of my chair


Oh little rattie with a tail so long

Oh little rattie , oh dash where have you gone.


Oh little rattie, come out of there

Oh little rattie I really do care


Oh little rattie you are so warm

Oh little rattie I’m ever so glad that you were born


These 2 odes were written about my favorite radio personalities form  MIX94.5

An ode to Captain Paul and C.H.U.K.I.E.




Early in the morning as I head out on the road.

I though I would write for Captain Paul and Chuckie this little ode.




As I head out in the early morning rush, my cheeks send out a blush

As I hear the voice of the Captain, guiding us through the morning traffic.

Oh Captain my Captain, you save us from the rush




Chuckies little engine hums merrily along As all of Perth head off to work

Listening  to the 94.5’s Bunch. The Captain Paul he entertains us with many a funny joke, As the traffic flowing below him suddenly is in a choke.




“Don’t take that road or you’ll be stuck”  he warns with a chuckle

“If you drive to fast, in the current conditions your bumper you will buckle”.




His ground crew is below him sending in a road Alert

Warning of danger here and there, of traffic light not working

To ensure the listeners will never get hurt.




Oh Captain my Captain in your little plane its clear,

We often see you in the distance and wish that you were near.




And as we head off home again, at the end of the day,

Chuckies little engines buzz merrily along, as Captain Paul

Takes off again showing us the way.




Take heed you weary traveller, the Chuckie is in the air

The Captain Paul is offering you a warning,

And if you don’t pay attention you will end up in dispair.




So tune you ears to the Mix both morning noon and night

Then you wont end up in a fix or drive off the road in fright.


Colleen Hunter  11th may 2004

An ode to the Bunch!!.



Early in the morning as on my Breakfast I do munch

I sit listening to 94.5 with Mr Botica and his early morning Bunch.



There is Fred and Lisa and Mainy too, and The Captain makes four

Compared to this wonderful show the other stations are quite poor



The topic of the day is fun, you call and give your view

Every now and then Barbara, Ethal Chop and Rose pop in to say Yoo Hoo.

We love to listen to the girls, they really are quite a laugh

They have us rolling on the floor, and in stitches not by half.




We love the Bunch that is for sure, for the Captains  jokes they are quite funny

If the Captain decides to quit his flying job he is sure to still make money.

Oh Captain my Captain don’t Quit the flying,

Or getting to work safely would sure be trying.




Fred from New Zealand hales, with many an interesting tale

Of all the fun he had when a lad, on the islands of his youth

 that is a 5 hour Flight from the coast of New South Wales.



Lisa gives her Shaw report, with many an interesting bit of news

She also adds her own opinion and her views

Her laugh is quite infectious, She keeps us entertained



Mainy gives the sports report and of the West Coast Eagles did he come

Our morning is never complete until his sports report is done.

His skill with a football on the field is well known



The Scared Weird Little guys make our Fridays for sure

We could sit and listen to them for ever more

Their songs are grand their songs are great,

From sports to politics and to the latest Celebrity Date



Of whit and wisdom the bunch is not short

Now its over to Mainy for the latest on sport.





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