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Marushikis rantings

Rampaging Rodent Reports 5


Its Rufus and Reubens 1st Birthday as of 22nd September.
happy birthday boys.
10 happy months of Rattie mamahood.

19th September...
Well ive been a little remiss in my updating of my Rampaging rodent reports..
Rufus and Reuben continue to amaze me with their funny little ways,  Reuben has taken a liking to my ear at present.  Its rather strange having a rattie snout shoved in your ear, and having them sniff it..  sounds like getting an obsene phone call... 
Reub has come out of his shell quite a lot, now if i pick Rufs up and ask "wheres my other boy"  he comes up and wants up as well... 
the other day i was laying on the couch watching NCIS and the boys were out and about in their play box, it has been rather cold of late, so they stay in their box more than not..  but this particular day it was a little warmer,  next thing i know there is a thump under my jumper and sure enough Rufus sticks his head out the neck of the jumper "I mama im off to play in the bedroom,:" he procedes to climb over my shoulder down my back and then is off..
It interesting how stealthful they can be..  you never notice that they have gone from one  room  to the next.  This particular day, Rufs was back in is usual spot of snoozing in my PJ draw... 
22nd September 2005
Sept. 27th 2005
Well both boys enjoyed their 1st birthday, they got some new hammocks and play tubes to play in, and a new play box.
The boys now have a new song  "the Egg night" song.
Who wants a googie egg
Who wants a googie
rufuses and Reubie!
who wants a googie egg
who wants a googie
A Rufie and and a Reubie
Egg night is Monday night, sunday is fish night, tuesday is pasta night.
Thursday is Corn cob night, and the other nights is salads and Fruits are surved with every meal.  they are particularly fond of Melons. they will eat pear and apple, and some banana, but they are not overly keen on them.
Reuben is sure come out of his shell in the last few weeks, ive made a point
of trying to cuddle the boys several times during play time.  Reubs loves hiding in my hair. and snuggling into my neck.
Rufus is not so jealous now of Reuben when he gets mama time with me.
so thats made life a little less stressful.
Its so hard to believe that they are a year old now..  they grow up so fast.
Its coming up to christmas very quickly now, only 3 months away..  good grief where has the time gone.
Ill have to see what i can find for the boys for their Christmas Present.
17th October
Ive just had 2 weeks off on holiday and the boys have been spoilt rotten...  Ok i spoil them rotten all the time but thats what ratties are for.
the first week of holidays was pretty much busy during most of the day so they boys even though they did get extra play time, still were in the cage for most of the day.
But the 2nd week that i was home, I had a Veg out week, so I let them out of the cage at 8 or 9 am depending when i got up, and left them out almost all day.  thats unless i had to go out to the shops or to the library to pick up a book i had requested.
Oh they joy of being out and rampaging around the house all day.. YIPEEE!!!  was the 1st thing the boys had to say, they got to have a sleep during the day in their play boxes, which made them all the happier, but going back into the cage atnight was a bit of a downer for them. 
the boys got extra treats through the day, they now have a favorite of a piece of celary with cream cheese on it..  Mind you anything that has cream cheese is their favorite foods. 
One day i even had a nana nap and Rufus decided he was going to come and join me in bed and have a nap with me...  He is the most restless sleeper, or maybe he was hoping for playtime and more treats.  He climbed over me, layed down and had a bit of a sleep, then changed his position, settle down and then climb up onto  my shoulder give my face a lick, climb up under my t shirt and settle down, then off to the play box, he obviously thought mama was not going to play so maybe Reuben will.
Meanwhile all this is going on you can hear a zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  comeing from the play box where Reuben is contentedly snoozing away..  there is a squeek of protest as Rufus tries to get Reubs into a game of grooming and chasing... 
20th October
this morning when i was waking from the bedroom to plug in my iron to iron what i was going to wear today, both boys came rushing to the edge of the cage, '

"Hi mama, whatcha doin', you going to give us treaties," 

i dissappeared into the kitchen and peeked to see what they were doing they looked a little dejected...  

then when i appeared again back to the cage and gave them a stick of greated cheese, OH The joy... 

"Where did you go...oh there you are....  , got any treaties ,  Yay!!!! TREATIES!!!!!   is it play time yet.  " 

I then proceded to do my usual morning thing, i dont let them out in the morning as i dont have the time to hunt them down when i have to rush off to work half an hour later..  I went to put their breakfast in the cage before leaving, and normaly Reuben is very sedate and curled up in either his hammock or tissue box..  today it was a race to see if he could get out the cage door before i grabbed him .

"Hooooray its play time" 

"No Reubs mama has to go to work."

"Hooooray its play time"

"no Reubs mama said no, i have  to go to work"

"Got any treaties, Hooray its play time."

"No Reuben mama has to go to work, its not play time."

Then Rufus joined in the attemped escape to the play box...

I only allow them morning and all day play time when im on holidays, so obviously the boys are still in holiday mindset.

24th October 

I had to go out on the weekend, and it was a nice day so i thought the boys might like an outing.

I put them in their travel cage, and there was much excitement. 

"are we going some where mama"

"where are we going"

"whats that, that smells funny"

"Oh look at that over there"

"can we get out and run"

"whats that noise"

"whose that"

"Whats over there"

"are we going in the car mama"

After finishing our little trip, and getting home the boys were quite excited, and had to go and sent mark everywhere incase someone had come in in their absence.  It was quite exciting for the boys, now that the weather is getting nicer ill have to try and take them on little car trips a little more often.

the boys then took at least an hour to settle down for their mid day nap, once we got back, they were all very wound up and full of excitement.

31st October

On the weekend I took Rufus and Reuben out for  a bit of an airing.  we went for a bit of a pick nick by the River.
there was much excitement..  As soon as i was getting the boys travel cage ready for the outing,  putting in fresh bedding
and some dry snacks for them, attaching  the water bottle, ice pack (incase it got hot)  and so forth  Rufus was at the edge of his cage, watching with great excitement
as to what was going on.
"are we going somewhere mama"  he seemed to be saying.
Reuben stuck his head out of the box and investigated what all the commotion was about.
Into the travel cage the boys went, Sniff sniff here sniff sniff there...  running from one side of the travel cage to the other
I strapped them into the car seat and it was off and away, the boys settled down next to me for the drive, I parked in an undercover car park (where it was nice and cool)
to go to the gym and the boys had a bit of a nap.
then when i got back it was off to the river for a pick nick.  There was much excitement and sniffing and prancing around
lots of new smells and sites and sounds for them to explore.
It was then time to head home and a much needed nap in their playbox..
After mama put them to bed, mama got rid of the old play box as it was getting rather wiffy, and made up a new one for them different sections in.
fortunately for me i order the stationery at work, so when the boxes come in from the stationery company i grab them to take home for the boys
so when i get home tonight the boys will have a new layout to get use to, the previous one had 2 triangle areas and a rectangle area with low doors that they had to crawl under. this time they have some to jump over and some to just go round the corner and some to crawl under.  they also have some treaties to find scatted throughout

9th November

Last night when i got home i let the boys out for their play time.  got changed from my work clothes to my rattie play clothes, got the boys their snack (peas, corn and an oat biscuit)   Set about getting my own dinner. 
when it was cooked the boys were playing in their play box snacking, so i sat down to eat my shepherds pie.  next thing i feel a tapping on my leg.  Looking down i see Rufus and Reuben standing up.
"You give us peas and corn and your having shepherds pie"   Rufus Said,
"come on mama did you think you could get away with eating that by yourself "  Reuben put in.
"Come on mama hand it over" they both said
So for the next 15 minutes i had to put some mashed potato with a bit of the mince meat on my fingers coolit of and sit there while Reuben who had perched himself on my leg and Rufus who was not going more than two hops away from me licked, grabbed, and begged for more..  If the next offering was not cool enough to give them i had to blow on it, and both boys were
"Come on mama more more more....  "
"Ok you two its too hot for you just now let mama cool it"
"More more more" 
"mmmmmmmmmmmmmm   Yummm  taties....  "
After they had finished, "Or I thought they had finished they headed off for a little rest, not more than 5 minutes later they were back... 
by that time i had almost finished eating, but i put what was left in the tray down for them, Reuben hopped in the tray and started licking the sides.
Rufus was in the play box with his head out the door beging for more so i had to try and get some scrapings off without upsetting Reuben.
Once their little tummies were full and they were content, it was back in the playbox to digest their evenings snack,..Every now and then Rufus or Reuben would stick their heads out of the door to the play box and see if there was anything more on offer... 
10th November

There is something there scurrying across my floor

Its making its way to my bedroom door.


Oh look,  there is another,

That one must be the first ones brother.


They are quite small, and I can tell

That they enjoy stopping every now and then

To sniff and smell.


One is quite squishy the other quite lean

I rub my eyes in case it’s a dream


They are realy quite stealthful, and sneeky to boot

as they make for the TV "Dang Darn and Shoot!!!"


Get off their you naughty boy

I often say, they just look at me with eyes that melts

my heart away


Here they come again, with whiskers a twitching

The sight of them really is quite bewitching.


They scurry over and stand up to beg

Oh the first one decided to crawl up my leg.


“Have you a treat” they seem to be saying.

Their cute little front paws are held as though praying.


I hand them an oat biscuit, which they both grab  and flee

Both hopping along with the greatest of glee..


Its time for them and me  to go to Bed,

Oh the first one has climbed on my head


Rufus and Reuben do as your told,

They snuggle up in their hammocks as the weather is quite cold.


“Be good boys , Mama is going to bed now” I say as I turn out the light

“Good night mama, we love you, and how” they say as they tuck into their

Dinner of fish and melon tonight.


14th November 


Its 1 year this week since i picked the boys up from Brenda..   Yippeee


On the weekend one of my neighbours who has 2 girlies came over to borrow my travel cage..  One of his girlies had a large lump on her underside just near the tail.
He said it had been there for a while, and was hoping it would just go.  .
Rufus was out on the rampage, and Reuben was curled up in a tissue box,  I got them out for him to see them, he is so use to his girlies, and when he saw the boys was in a great shock at their bucksomness.  Yes the lads are ruther big aren't they...  i informed him,..  he took the cage after putting the boys back in the play boxes
.  I lent him the cage, and a few moments later he bought his girlies for a visit. After being so use to my boys i was shocked at how small his girlies were, ive never realy seen the full grown females in comparison up close ..  .. one of the girlies(the one with the lump) also had the sneezes.    I told him i would not let the girlies in as i did not want any little surprises a few months down the track.. 
He agreed..  Now hopefuly as i was handling the girlies, their sneezes are not passed onto the boys.
Later that night after having play time, i headed off to bed to read and decided to take the boys with me for an our or so.. 
Both boys seem to have a toe fetish...  there was much running, fuffing and bruxing, climbing over mama, then Reuben decided curling up next
to mama would be a good place for a little rest...    Rufus being Rufus, was wanting to play,  so he played with my toes, my knees and then
thought my hair would make a good play toy...    After a while he thought he woudl visit his favorite resting place, (my pajama draw) and curled up there
until he wanted to see what Reuben was up to...  and What i was reading..  he was quite facinated with the book i was reading, sniff sniff here and there...  he
even went to take a nip out of it, but i told him off.. 
I then put them into their cage and got their dinner of fish, cherries and pasta ready... 
This morning when i got up to give them breakfast they were still asleep in their hammock, obviously with very full tummies..  so they were not
at all interested in the cheese stick i had for them...
14TH December 2005
Well its not long at all until Christmas, Aunty Robyn sent the boys the hammocks i ordered for their Christmas presents...  and sure enough they wanted to sleep in them straight away.
Aunty Robyn and her Dapper Ratties also sent the boys a christmas present, some Yogies....  mmmmmm  oh boy were Rufus and Reuben so excited, and there was much foofing and bruxing and grabbing trying to get them first,...  they are so funny, even if im trying to give them their yogie at the same time Reuben always things that Rufus is getting the better end of the deal and tries to grab what Rufs has...
and of course Rufus will have none of it..  so i have to separate them and give them to them separately... 
I finaly got around to cleaning under the lounge the other day, and what should i find under there but a lot of newspaper that the boys had redistributed from their play box to make a nice little nest for themselves to sleep on, chicken bones, lamb bones, pea and corn remains.. for some strange reason they bite a hole in the top of the corn or pea and suck out the innards and discard the shell..  not sure why this is if you know let me know... 
For the past week or 2 ive seem to have been missing some little plastic dishes(the ones that come with the frozen lasagne and stuff from the freezer section of the supermarkets)  that i use for  the boys snacks during play time.
I usualy use the same one, and just wash it out each day and fill it again during the next play time... several times when i went to get it to fill again,
i could not find it...  Hmmmm  I thought , Maybe ive thrown it out with some news paper..  hmmmm...
So off i go to get another from my cupboard... 
Well..   Last night There was a scuffle and lots of Meeeeeeeeeping from under the lounge so i grabbed my torch so i could see what was going on, ..... 
What do you suppose i found stashed at the back far corner of the couch...  (where the boys have all of their stash and newspaper from their play box which they
seem to enjoy putting there to curl up on.)     5 of the containers all arranges in a nice little area, and 2 little fluffed up boys laying in them...  they had obviously been arguing as to who was sleeping in which container.... 
the other night i was laying in bed reading, and the boys were having fun climbing over mama and generaly having a good time.
Rufus decided it might be fun to Nightie dive and crawled up the inside of my night shirt and made him self cozy in my arm pit...  needless to say im ticklish, he must have wondered what mama was going on about,  then Reuben at the same time decided to make him self cozy under the other arm pit, occasionaly popping his little pink wiskery nose out to see what all the fuss was about... 
After they had enough of this, the decided that mamas pillow looked rather comfy, so Rufus took up position on the left side of my head and Reuben on the right,
"Hey Look" i said, " Rattie Ear Muffs"    Just what everyone needs during winter....  They were also quite engrosed in what i was reading as well..  investigating the book in hope that it may actualy be something that mama might like the let them eat... 
but after no eats were forthcoming, Rufus decided that mamas pajama draw was the place to be and Reuben decided that mamas feet were more interesting.
the other night i crawled into bed put the boys in for their last half hour of free range time for a cuddle with mama  

Climbing into bed to read a book and feeling something warm and wet under your foot...... 


"Ok who pee'ed on mamas bed"

2 innocent little faces pop out from under the sheets as if to say

"Who Us!!!"

Oh the joys of Rattie parenthood...  


This will be the boys 2nd Christmas with me, i got them a month before last christmas so was only still very new to the having ratties around.


they are both now 1 year and 3 months old, its soon to be time for their check up at the vets which will be on the 29th December, just to make sure they are still healthy.


Both have had sneezes for a while so hopefuly it is not the sign of anything bad happening. 



5th January 2006


Rufus and Reuben were spoilt over the holidays with lots of treats and cuddles and extra play time, which neither of them have complained about.  they have almost pollished off the Yoggi treats that Robyn sent them as a treat...  and as most of you know come begging for more.
The boys Christmas was a good one, they got lots of goodies for dinner with some turkey, cherries and other good things that mama bought home from her christmas lunch she went to...  Oooohh did they love that turkey...  they each got a piece and raced off to scoff it down.. 
Last week they had their annual vet check, this is only the 2nd one they have had, the 1st one was in January this year to make sure i was looking after them properly.  they were only 4 months old and i had only had them for 2 weeks, and being a nervous 1st time rattie mama i thought it would be a good idea.  Well this vet check went very well, but they were none  too pleased with the temperature taking.(much meeping).  :-(    they had a thorough check over , lungs clear, heart sounding good, no sight of Lumps and Temperature, Fine.!!!  
While i had the time off I allowed the boys to have most of the day out of the cage and sleeping in their play box.  BIG MISTAKE, they now expect this every day all day...  so im going to try and get up a little earlier to give them atleast a half our out time while im showering and dressing etc...  THAT WILL TEACH ME !!!
I saw the cutest thing last week, Rufus was grooming in the corner hammock, and Reuben wanted in, but Rufs would not give way, so poor old Reubs had the front half resting on the hammock while the back half of him was sitting on the self adjacent to the hammock....  he looked so pittiful, i was out of film so could not get a shot of it...   What a bummer.
I managed to finaly clean out under the couch, ive been meaning to do it for ages, thats where Reuben stashes most of his goodies....  i pulled out 4 lamb chop bones, tones of pea and corn husks, atleast half a packet of half chewd biscuts that i give the boys with a treat of cream cheese on..  they lick off the cheese and leave the biscuits for later...  but never seem to get to eat... 
Can anyone tell me why when they have atleast a years worth of food stashed in their play box or under the lounge do they still come begging for more!!! 
you would think that they would just nibble on what they have, but nope,...   got to have more. Both boys have been enjoying their bed time stories before mama goes to sleep...  Rufus as usual is bouncing all over the place and Reuben is content to curl up either next to mama or one of the pillows under the blankets.
Well thats the low down of the Rampaging Rodent Residence,  Rufus and Reuben and I would like to wish you all a very happy new year
scritches to all
18 January 2006

Just before i turn in for the night, and put the boys back in their cage with their dinner.  I have them on my bed while im reading.  Occasionaly while they are either quietly curled up under the blankets, or one of the pillows I rippe the blanket or pillow of them and call "PEEK A BOO"   This usualy results in either popcorning or a stunned look, and a Which way do i run stance.

in retalliation, the boys have this game of sneeking up on me and suddenly either pouncing on my or my pillow, or suddenly popping up out of no where...  with that cheeky little smirk that they get, as if to say

"Ha ha we got you mama"

Occasionaly Reuben will just sneek a little way, stop, sneek a little more, stop, sneek alittle more.  Each time curling up as if to make out he has just changed lounging  possitions...  Rufus seems to prefer the sneek around the out side of the pillow as close as he can get to the pillow, jump up on the windo ledge which is just at the head of my bed, sneek across till he is possitioned just above my head then he jumps on my pillow

"Hi mama Sneek a Boo  he he he he"  then he bounces off under the blankets to begin his stalking again.!!!

Rufus occasionaly loves to investigate the book im reading, i had a new book last night, which was just from the book shop, instead of from the library.  this one did not have other peoples smells on it and other odors you get when lending books to people etc.... 

"Can i have a little nibble please mama"  

"no books are not for eating"

"are you sure, it smells so good".

Every now and then I will grab both boys and put them on my chest and give them a scritching session while singing. one of their songs, sometimes they will sit there and enjoy the scritching but other times it

"Its Play time mama have you finished scritching yet...  "  some times they will make a little dash for freedom, but mama pulls them back.

on the odd occasion they will sit quite contentedly until i tell them "Off you go" and they both go bounding under the covers.

Scritches to all.



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