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Rampaging rodent Reports A NEW CHAPTER

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5th April 2009
Yes ladies, gentlemen, boys, girls and fuzzies of all ages.
the Rampaging Rodent Residence now has new tennents..  Here is how it happened.
I was on my way to do a volunteer shift on a stand for World Vision, i was a little early so i had a wonder around the shops.
all of a sudden i hear this.. "Pst.."  thinking nothing of it i continue looking in a few windows. 
Then i hear it again "Pst hey over here"...
I look around..  "Who me?"  I ask in a quandery..
"yeah you, come over here, down the back here, Yeah thats right come over here.....No not up there down here.."
Next thing i know im pounced on by 4 roughians.   .   "Come on boys lets get her..."   They were mean i tell ya  mean and nasty, i didnt stand a chance..    
I had no choice, they were too strong for me..  they over powered me and insisted i take them home... 
Well thats my story any way and im sticking to it..  :-)
So after my WV shift i went back to the pet shop and got the boys, they were born on 3rd March, so are almost 5 weeks old.  All four are the same color.  which is going to be a real challenge trying to tell them apart to start with, but each has a slightly different spot or stripe marking along their spines.    When i first got Rufus and Reuben, they were 8 weeks old and a little bigger than the new boys, and When i got Romulus and Remus they were nearly a year old anyway so much more squishier..   
2 of them i think ill have trouble with, they are rambunctious, and rumble quite a bit they were the first two to find and squabble over the hammock.  , the other 2 are quiet and placid... 
As soon as i got them home i transfered them to the travel cage so they could get use to the place and have a bit of a
sniff around.  after a few hours i shifted them to the new RRR..  they all dived sgtraight onto the food and found them selves very much at home..   and for the last half hour have been exploring.  And boy do they popcorn..  
They are all the same color. but have distinct markings along their backs.  they are capped with different splotches along their spines.
not enough color to say they are hoodeds but too much to be a bareback.. Im pretty sure they are champagne color..  like Huskey..  
One of them has the color down to his shoulders and front legs, and most of the others just have it on their heads and necks.
Either this or they are a Silverfawn color,  Ill ahve to wait until they get older, as their color will darken as they get older im sure. 
Im confining them to the top 2 levels until they get a bit more use to me, and bigger. 
When i picked them up from the pet shop, they were quite friendly, and ive had a good cuddle since getting them home.
they are soooooooooooooooooo ooooo  tiny..    This morning when i got up, one of them was curled up ontop of one of the
towels i have on the top level as soon as i came out the bedroom he was straight over to the side of the cage to say "Hi there", the other 3 were snuggled inside it, as i had doubled it over and stitched most of it to make it  thicker. 
Yesterday after i put them in the big cage, when ever i went over to check on them, most of them would come straight over to the side of the cage where i was, and the others would not be far behind.  So Im sure you will all lookforward tothe new advantures that im about to partake in..    
Ill put some photos up soon.  Once i get a few good shots. 
The bully of the bunch im going to call Ramses, i just have to get use to what his marking on the spin is to recognise him.
The smoocher of the bunch..  (which i think is the one who came up to me this morning when i woke.) Is Romeo.  and the other 2 will be Royce and Rockwell.  Ramses and Rockwell are a little more on the go and Romeo and Royce are quieter and a little shyer.. 

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